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Our custom web design service will build you a high-performance online sales machine that engages info seekers, nurtures them, and turns them into potential customers – around the clock.

Enhance your business online presence and capture leads

If you’re looking to boost profits by creating sales leads through your website, we know how to reach out to your prospects because our web design and development service is backed by a team of digital marketing specialists.

This will ensure your site is not only visually appealing, it’ll also bring you a continuous stream of sales leads.

Advantages of our corporate website design service include:

  • Double or triple online leads. Our user-friendly design considers how web visitors will interact with your site. This enables us to maximise engagement.
  • Reducing your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising costs by as much as 70%. We’ve consistently proven to our clients that a well-structured website with purposefully-written content helps reduce Google Ads cost per click (CPC). So, for the same spending on ads, you’ll get more leads than your competitors.
  • Developing relevant content for your website. Our content writers will develop well-researched articles that not only provide useful information to your audience but also help your brand building.
  • No website maintenance and updating concerns. Our aftercare service consists of text and image changes, regular software upgrades, and domain name registration, so your site will function optimally for years to come.
  • You can get other crucial lead-generation services digital marketing services from the same design agency. We offer comprehensive online marketing services covering SEO (search engine optimisation), Google Ads, email marketing, and content creation.

And more!

Instalment payments for our already affordable web design service

Further, to help businesses with a tight budget, we offer spread payments.

Let’s look at it another way: Because your online sales engine starts working as you make bite-sized monthly payments, your website will pay for itself!

Wann Aun TCM Clinic

Liew Kor Siew


We want a simple, straight-forward, and modern-looking website that accurately communicates the value of our clinic to our customers – and Emerge mLab delivered it.

We believe Emerge mLab’s attentiveness to our needs helped a lot. The content written for the website clearly describes our purpose and the layout template and colours selected for us have a clean and soothing look.

The work ethics, efficiency, and humility at Emerge mLab are admirable. We had some technical issues with our web hosting company and they took care of them.

If any of our friends need a website, we will recommend Emerge mLab to them!

Your website is crucial to the success of your business

According to the “The truth about online consumers” report published by KPMG, 47% of consumers visit a company website when researching a product and/or company.

68% of B2B customers research products and services they require on their own, on the Internet, reveals Forrester’s Business Technographics Global Priorities & Journey Survey.

This is why smart businesses turn their website into an online marketing hub… and being a smart business, you’ll want too!

Our systematic web design and development process

The Emerge mLab web design and development process is based on a systematic approach – crucial for optimum generation of sales leads.

We developed this system as a result of the insight we’ve gained through establishing and maintaining our own lead gen sites – so we know what we’re doing!

The result? A finely-tuned marketing tool that connects with your target audience in a way that gains their trust – and turns them into paying customers.

Business analysis for web design icon

1. Business analysis

We’ll study your business and industry overall, while researching your target audience and main competitors’ websites.

Website planning icon

2. Website planning

Based on the information gathered, we’ll formulate a website structure optimised for both user experience and search engine marketing.

Web design and web development process icon
Web development icon

4. Web development

Your website user interface will adapt to both desktop and mobile devices. It’ll also be search engine friendly.

Web design icon

3. Web design

We’ll consult on key visual design elements. This is to ensure your business goals are met.

Worth $225, yours for free

Get free service to structure your business website

Hurry! We can only take 10 free requests a month.

It’s important visitors to your website are able to easily navigate around your site to find the information they’re seeking. Otherwise, they’ll leave in an instant.

Building business website structures that enhance user experience is our forte.

Fill in the form below. After learning more about your business and the industry you’re in, we’ll email you our recommended menu structure in the form of a chart – free of charge.

It’s OK to hand this blueprint for success over to your web development company even if it’s not us. We’re glad to be able to add value to your business nevertheless.

Yes, I want the free website structuring service!

Note: Emerge mLab reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse to provide this service to any person or business for any or no reason.
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