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Illustration depicting how a small business uses a website

Web design

How Singapore’s small businesses can use a website to manage pandemic impact

Learn how small businesses in Singapore can use a website to address manpower shortages and make more sales during a pandemic. The article covers the job to be given to a website, types of business that need a website most, and how to be sure a website is working.

Illustration of a person going through a list of web design company selection criteria

Web design

Revealed: 6 of the best website design companies in Singapore for small businesses

A list of top web development companies that cater to start-ups and small enterprises. This article also guides businesses in choosing the right partner for their website design project.

Illustration showing a person assessing prices of website design services on a tablet

Web design

Ultimate guide to website design prices for SMEs in Singapore

This pricing guide covers the development of various types of websites in Singapore. Additionally, it talks about the additional components included in price estimates and discusses other issues businesses need to consider other than rates vendors offer.

Illustration depicting person explaining various types of websites

Web design

13 types of websites SMEs can use to build their business

This article discusses the various types of websites small and medium enterprises in Singapore can build to grow their business. The list includes blog or informational websites, business websites, brochure, catalogue, or product listing websites, and more.

Illustration depicting web development process and milestones

Web design

5-stage web development process that works for any website

Emerge mLab shares their 5-stage website development process. The phases include business analysis, website planning, web design and development, review and approval, and site launch.

Illustration depicting benefits of website SEO


What is website SEO? And how can small businesses make it work?

This article explains what search engine optimisation is, illustrates why it’s important to small and medium enterprises in Singapore, and describes how SEO can be improved.

Illustration showing search engine features


Want to succeed in SEO? First, learn how search engines work

Learn what search engines do, types of search engines, and how they function. This article also provides a list of top search engines in Singapore and tips on how to improve the crawlability and indexability of a website.

Illustration depicting major Google search algorithm updates - Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Hummingbird


An SME guide to understanding Google Search algorithms (and ways to improve rankings)

This guide provides an overview of what Google Search algorithms are, why they’re updated, and how they can be tracked. The article also provides suggestions on how to keep a website safe from downgrades and penalties as a result of enhancements made in the algorithms.

Illustration depicting white hat SEO expert optimising website


33 winning “White Hat” SEO tips from Google that boost SME websites

This article reveals white hat SEO tips extracted from Google Webmaster Guidelines. Tips on how to get pages of a website and their contents found, indexed, and ranked are covered. Bad SEO practices to be avoided are also discussed.

Illustration depicting an SEO pro optimising a website based on Google top ranking factors


10 ranking factors you must know to top search results

Uncover what the 10 top ranking factors are, get advice on how to optimise a website for Google Search. Although not a ranking factor, the importance of E-E-A-T (acronym for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust) cannot be overlooked and is also discussed in this article.

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