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As a local search engine optimisation (SEO) services company, we understand the Singapore marketplace inside out. We know how to craft content for websites of SMEs to match the online search intent of their potential customers and turn those prospects into solid leads.

When Google Search and other major search engines recognise your website is providing a precise answer to a search query, your business will be displayed on their search engine results page (SERP). And the more credible your company is perceived to be, the higher up the list of results you’ll get.

This is why we take a holistic approach to optimising your website:

  1. Get to know your company and business goals, your target market, and your competitors.
  2. Develop solid, relevant content for your website.
  3. Help manage the online reputation of your business.

Why we excel in website SEO

We run several lead generation websites of our own – monitoring the effects of search engine algorithm changes on organic search rankings.

Further, through conducting tests on these sites, we’ve gained valuable insights into search engine marketing content, strategies, techniques, and processes that work.

And we’ll apply what we’ve learnt to your website.

The result: a consistent stream of organic traffic – visitors to your site who are primed to buy what you’re selling.

Other SEO agencies focus on keyword rankings – we focus on sales lead generation

“We guarantee 60% of the keywords we manage will rank on page 1 of Google within 6 months!” You might have heard this from other SEO companies many times before.

You may ponder: “How do they do it?”

Let us unravel the mystery: They shoot for easy-to-rank search terms that don’t matter to sales.

In contrast, we set up SEO campaigns comprising relevant keywords used by people seeking your type of wares online.

And results show – sales leads ripe for conversion into paying customers.

Kepha Design and Contracts

Maria Koh


When Kirby told me Emerge mLab could build us a website that would generate sales leads for us without the need to advertise, I was sceptical. I was certain when someone googles for our type of services, hundreds of existing interior design and renovation websites would be shown before ours.

Amazingly, about 1 month after our website was launched, we started receiving sales leads – and they just kept coming! We used to have to pay big marketing dollars to get such leads!

I am delighted with Emerge mLab not just because of the sales opportunities they are bringing us, but also their professionalism, trustworthiness, and on-going support.

I recommend any business that want more sales speak with Emerge mLab.

Smart businesses invest in SEO

More than half of marketers surveyed recognised search engine optimisation as a key area in digital marketing, here’s why…

Based on Clickstream data assembled by Rand Fishkin of SparkToro, in September 2018, 65.6% and 38.5% of searchers clicked on an organic result on Google desktop and Google mobile respectively. In contrast, only 3.4% (mobile) and 3.7% (desktop) of searchers interacted with paid Google ads.

This is because people view non-paid listings to be more credible than ads.

Further, smart businesses know when advertising stops, revenue falls.

The SEO process that brings results

Our SEO process is optimised for the best results – achieving prominent position in search engines to increase your website traffic and generate quality sales leads from people seriously interested in your good or services.

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1. Research

We’ll analyse your existing website, assess your main competitors’ online presence, and study how your prospective customers search for the products and services you offer in the digital space.

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3. Implement

As we execute the custom SEO strategy formulated to score you a win, we’ll provide you with regular reports on the organic search performance of the target pages of your website. They’ll show you the effectiveness of the strategies we’ve laid out and executed.

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2. Strategise

Based on our analysis and your feedback, we’ll then devise a detailed on-page and off-page SEO plan to enhance the products and services pages of your website so they cater to the exact requirements of your potential customers.

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Our SEO strategist will audit your website and draw up a to-do list to strengthen its fundamental on-page SEO elements – absolutely free.

You can give this list to your regular web developer to implement the changes. If you don’t have one, our team of SEO experts can do it for you.

Your website can move 20-50 spots up Google SERP 6-12 months after the changes are made, giving you a huge advantage over competitors who fail to implement advanced SEO strategies and techniques.

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