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If you’re here to find out who’s behind Emerge mLab and how different we are from other digital marketing agencies in Singapore, you’re at the right place.

I’m Kirby, and I co-started Emerge mLab – a local internet marketing company – in 2016.

After being actively involved in marketing and sales for a regional IT services SME for 16 years, I made a career switch.

In early 2016, I took a course in SEO from Singapore premier internet marketing training company World Internet Academy and developed my first lead generation website soon after completion.

My first foray into SEO

During the course, we were told to start small, and work on low-competition business niches in order to get quick wins.

I wanted a bigger challenge, so I dived into a competitive industry in Singapore – home renovation. Paul, who used to work as a journalist, was roped in to write the content of the website, covering the entire spectrum of reno works.

That’s how I found out, first hand, how SEO works.

Even though the renovation website was brand new, it began to appear in search engine results pages of Google for remodelling enquiries – and it generated sales leads just 3 months after its launch. Now, it’s pulling 3 – 5 every single day.

Following the success of our first website, we went on to build more than 10 lead-generating websites spanning various industries over the next 4 years.

Nevertheless, it’s not all been smooth sailing.

After learning about silo structure in 2017, I implemented it on the renovation site and a waterproofing website. Because I changed the URL of the pages, the ranking of both sites tanked – and leads dried up. It took around 4 months for them to recover.

We live, we learn!

Putting money in Google Ads

For websites we envisaged would take more than 6 months to generate sales leads organically, we invested money in inbound marketing – utilising Google Ads.

To make sure I could implement Google Ads campaigns properly, I got certified for Google Ads.

I firmly believe SEO helps increase the effectiveness and reduce the cost of Google Ads – and the outcome of the campaigns we ran prove I’m right.

Empathy FS Pte Ltd

Eugene Tan


I work with Kirby of Emerge mLab. His delivery is remarkable. He goes the extra mile to make sure things are done promptly and properly.

What makes him different from the rest of the digital marketers I’ve come across is that his competence and passion put his competitors to shame.

I have absolute peace of mind when engaging Emerge mLab, they get the job done. And most importantly, they deliver results.

Learning from genuine online marketing experts

I continue to hone my skills in search engine marketing.

I learnt website SEO and CRO (conversion rate optimisation) from SEO gurus like Kyle Roof and Matt Diggity. And I’ve joined an SEO mastermind group led by one of the best technical SEOs around, Daniel Cuttridge, to get advice.

I even took a course on building black-hat private blog networks (PBN), taught by Matthew Woodward, so that I could learn how to identify and side-step them.

What makes us different from other digital marketing companies in Singapore?

Up till the end of 2018, all the websites we created were for generating sales leads for a closed circle of business partners. In early 2019, we started offering digital marketing services selectively to SMEs.

Why do our clients engage us?

We truly know what works because we put money into building and marketing our own lead gen websites before starting on sites for other businesses.

We’re particular about the quality of our customer engagements and service deliveries – and we’re confident our clients will tell you the same.

We genuinely want our clients to succeed, so we take proactive steps to ensure they see positive results.

We even offer instalment payment to SME clients.

And, importantly, we’ll keep improving. As consumer behaviour changes and digital marketing evolves, we’ll remain hungry for new knowledge and try out new ways of doing things.

We equip businesses with powerful online lead generation capabilities – and we hope to do the same for your business.

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