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Revealed: 6 of the best website design companies in Singapore for small businesses

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When you need a new website, or updates to an existing site, it can be challenging to decide among the web design companies in Singapore and find the right one for your situation. There are many factors to consider – price, timing, skill set, industry focus – that all need to be balanced.

Do-it-yourself sites or inexpensive templates might seem tempting, but most have limits on the number of pages or higher costs for adding features you want as your company grows.

Relying on social media platforms, such as Facebook, can be unreliable, compared with a website that you control. Your website tells your story, with features you choose, to make work easier for your employees, customers, and prospects.

Illustration of a person going through a list of web design company selection criteria

How to choose the right web developer

Selecting any web development partner to build an online presence and enhance the branding of your business requires you to evaluate skills in graphic design, search engine marketing, and supportive, helpful advice. The best web design service providers are a partner who knows your market, especially the local area of Singapore and the competitive landscape.

When you pick the right solutions provider to work with you as your business evolves, a partnership will find new ways to add unique value. A website – like an organisation – grows with time and demands, so your web developer should adapt to your needs. Every situation is different and your business needs, budget, technology knowledge, and staffing are all part of that conversation.

There are key questions to ask when evaluating a web design company. Total website development cost may actually include many different sub-specialties that work together effectively. Ask providers about:

  • Knowledge of your industry. Will you need to spend an excessive amount of time and resources explaining your product or service offering and any local legal or regulatory standards?
  • Related internet services. Ask about additional costs for search engine optimisation (SEO), ad placement and campaigns, hosting reliability, domain registrations, website maintenance, and security updates.
  • Current portfolio. Do the client websites featured in the portfolio appeal to you? Are you able to speak with these companies to learn more about the web developer?
  • Project timeline. Find out how long the team will need to complete the development of your website.
  • Contacts. Will your primary contact be a senior technical partner or a salesperson? Do you like the people serving your company and managing the project?

6 local web design companies small businesses in Singapore can engage

Don’t be fooled by larger web design companies and agencies that specialise in corporate projects. Small business owners need to partner with vendors, building trust and cooperation.

Pick a budget you’re comfortable with and timeline that’s achievable before contacting prospects. Then evaluate their ability to deliver or advise you.

We reviewed more than 250 web design companies – most of them in Singapore – and examined the services listed on their websites.

Those focused on digital marketing were core selections and their portfolios of small companies showed that they understand the small and medium enterprise (SME) marketplace. Some even advertise flat-rate fees, proving they’re priced or focused on the entrepreneur’s needs.

Next, we explored the reviews and customer comments on business solutions. Below, you’ll find a helpful list of web design companies that serve Singapore small businesses. We’ve tried to give you information to speed up your decision process.

  1. Alpha Web
  2. Emerge mLab
  3. Hachi Web Solutions
  4. Novage
  5. SBWD
  6. Web Delegate

Alpha Web

Screenshot of Alpha Web website

Alpha Web develops clean, crisp design and affordable websites on content management systems that display text, photos, and videos.

This company also provides logo creation and brochure design and copywriting to cater to other marketing needs of small businesses.

A colorful, diverse set of client websites displayed reflects range of industries and businesses.

Why choose Alpha Web

  • Their portfolio comprises small businesses.
  • Positive customer testimonials.

Emerge mLab

Screenshot of Emerge mLab web design service webpage

Emerge mLab is a digital marketing company experienced in all aspects of sales and marketing via the Internet and websites that are optimised for lead generation, enabling sales.

Besides affordable rates, they provide options for a spread payment or instalment choices for website and SEO services means they collaborate to find the best options.

Emerge mLab’s deep expertise in web content delivers search results based on how customers search – helping Singapore companies get “found” when it matters most.

They understand the importance of websites to small businesses, have a strong focus on client success and customer satisfaction, and are committed to your future.

Why choose Emerge mLab

  • All websites in the portfolio belong to small companies.
  • Prices suited precisely to small businesses, based on number of pages created.
  • Provides key digital marketing services like SEO, Google Ads PPC advertising, and email marketing.
  • Positive customer testimonials.

Hachi Web Solutions

Screenshot of Hachi Web Solutions website

Managing most aspects of e-commerce for online sales and purchasing, this company excels at developing web and social programmes for all sizes of organisations.

Detailed timetable for web design, development, and review, and lively portfolio of examples give you specific sites to compare.

Hachi Web Solutions concentrates on local needs in many different industries with complex requirements.

Why choose Hachi Web Solutions

  • Most websites in the portfolio belong to SMEs.
  • Starting prices aimed primarily at small businesses.
  • Offers internet marketing services like SEO, PPC advertising, and Facebook marketing.


Screenshot of Novage website

Novage is a full-service digital marketing agency that can also manage hosting, email, and overall technical support. Back-end technical assistance with hosting ensures the reliability of your website.

They’re a Google partner serving a range of different companies and industries, from energy to ice delivery, making each look unique and appealing.

Why choose Novage

  • Many SMEs are featured in their portfolio.
  • Pricing appears to target small businesses.
  • Offers online marketing services like SEO, PPC advertising, and social media marketing.

Singapore Best Web Design (SBWD)

Screenshot of Singapore Best Website Design (SBWD) website

From websites to mobile apps and custom applications, this team has a diverse set of skills.

Since 2009, they’ve grown along with the Web itself to new platforms and services for clients throughout the Asia Pacific region.

SBWD supports customers that require e-commerce functionality on their websites.

Why choose SBWD

  • Most websites in the portfolio represent SMEs.
  • Starting prices target small companies, although higher than others.
  • Options for mobile app development.

Web Delegate

Screenshot of Web Delegate website

Web Delegate has expertise in web shopping and other packages that support Google, Shopify, and your priorities.

They provide fast and complete end-to-end design and digital services put the emphasis where results matter.

Their helpful blog offers advice on web marketing along with best practices in e-commerce and online tools.

Why choose Web Delegate

  • Good responsive web design.
  • Starting prices designed for small businesses.
  • Mentions internet marketing services like SEO, PPC advertising, and Facebook marketing.
Key takeaways
  • Balance the price budget, timeline, services included and any extra fees when you compare web design companies and their proposals.
  • Local knowledge of Singapore’s market or experience in your industry can be a crucial edge.
  • Look for ways that a web design company can be a strategic partner.
  • Evaluate your website regularly to ensure it performs optimally across multiple different kinds of evaluations – sales, leads, service requests, time on website – and the value it delivers for your business, partners, customers, and staff.
Kirby Poh
Kirby Poh

Search marketing & web design

Spent years marketing and selling to SME customers in Southeast Asia - he knows B2B marketing. Gets a kick out of using his SEO and PPC ad abilities to make money for Emerge mLab’s clients.

David Wallace
David Wallace

Content strategy & creation

Contributed to Wired, Reuters, The New York Times and Philadelphia Inquirer as reporter/editor for 15 years. Adjunct news reporting instructor at Emerson College, then Boston University in US.

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